Included Services

  • Oil change (5-quart) ($31.95 value, additional fees may apply)
  • Five oil changes (with filter purchase)
  • One radiator drain and fill
  • One transmission service (fluid and filter change with filter purchase; avg. cost $24.95)
  • One tune-up (with spark-plug purchase, spark plugs $7 each, good for 1 hour of labor; additional parts extra if needed)
  • Two tire rotations
  • One four-wheel spin balance
  • One tow to the shop (with repair service; $100 minimum)
  • One cooling-system check
  • One fluid check and top-off
  • One starting- and charging- system test
  • One pretrip inspection
  • One clutch adjustment
  • One brake inspection and adjustment

Included Service Discounts

  • $10 off front-brake repair
  • $10 off rear-brake repair
  • $10 off CV-boot replacement
  • $20 off timing-belt replacement
  • $20 off gas-shock installation
  • $50 off clutch repair
  • $10% off general repairs
  • Half off air-conditioner checkup (inspect high and low side of compressor, check for leaks and freon level, freon not included)