Damon L.

How much of these actually goes to KQED? If I buy a $40 membership, how much is Groupon keeping? I don’t normally care but this is a charity. Is Groupon keeping its normally profit (50% from what I heard) or is Groupon donating its profits to KQED.

If the whole thing is going to KQED, I’m in. If not, no thanks.

cb w.

Great question! I’ll be eager to read Groupon’s response. Thanks for asking it.

Jung L.

Not cool if Groupon is profiting off a non-profit.

William F.

Good questions although I think Groupon is entitled to cover any related variable costs…and then make a small donation:)

whatever you do be sure to check that you do NOT want to be contacted by their advertisers and NEVER give them your home address…the slaughter of trees that will follow will bring tears to your eyes.

Jung L.

BTW, if you donate directly, they have some nice thank you gifts. Otherwise, it’s mostly tax deductible.

Nika L.

Yeah I need an answer. Would KQED get 20 or 40?

Dr. C.

or would KQED get only $10 (50% of $20)?

Maria M.

I don’t think KQED should be seen as victimized here. They’ve partnered with Groupon to get their membership numbers up, in a way that passes on benefits and saving to those members.

However, I support consumers knowing exactly where their dollars are going.

For my part, I think this is great, agentive, and I’d like to see this deal done with KRCB, KCSM, KTEH, and some of the other Bay Area PBS stations, so I can afford membership to all of the ones I watch on a regular basis.

Ian M.

I’m also waiting to hear what dollars actually go to KQED before doing this. If my $150 donation for $75 only results in $37.50 going to KQED, I’m not going to do it. Hopefully Groupon is using some of their considerable income to subsidize this, along the lines of a matching grant. They could definitely afford it. Would be nice if my $75 purchase resulted in KQED getting the whole $150, and I’d be in in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately the ‘fine print’ for today’s deal (at the foot of this page) doesn’t tell me any of this.

Hopefully Groupon is doing this as a way to give back!

John L.

Hey Everyone-

Thanks so much for your interest in this program today on Groupon. Let me quickly address everyone’s inquiry:

KQED actively reached out to Groupon and partner with us to increase the subscriber base and we’re happy to be working with them. Groupon’s mission has always been to help customers save money engaging in what is of interest to them as well as actively helping businesses gain awareness and increases patronage. Although exact revenue breakdown is confidential, not 100% of your dollars go directly to KQED. If you’d like to support public radio within utilizing the savings from Groupon please visit http://www.kqed.org/support/.

Thanks again everyone-


cb w.

“Although exact revenue breakdown is confidential, NOT 100% of your dollars go directly to KQED.”

Emphasis on the word, “NOT.”

Please join/ donate to KQED directly through its website, so that 100% of your money goes there instead of profiting Groupon.

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