Colanne S.

The Fine Print says I can buy three more as gifts. I purchased mine successfully and now I’m trying to purchase one as a gift and I get an error message that there is a problem with the order, “See message below”, but there is no message saying what is wrong with my order.


Colanne, thanks so much for purchasing! I’m with the Arb, so I can’t help you with the error message BUT I’ll alert our Groupon contact and see if we can’t get that fixed! We’d love for you to purchase another as a gift. Again, thank you! I hope you will enjoy your visit to the Arboretum. Do know that your purchase also helps our mission of planting and conserving trees!

Can I buy one for myself and then “gift” one to my son and husband?

Are we working on the gifting problem? Can Groupon actually comment on the status of the error?

oscar a.

Your website states (Admission includes FREE parking) but the groupon fine print says parking not included? So how much is parking?

oscar a.

sorry mis-read it

It would not let me gift it to someone and then print it myself however when I let them email it to the receipient it went through just fine.


Like Heather above, I would like to use this myself and gift it to my family. Are we allowed one per person/child or one per card?

I have the same question as Heather and Ami- Can I buy 1 for myself and gift another 2 to my kids?

Colanne S.

Purchasing the gift and printing out yourself is working now! Thanks Groupon!
I haven’t been to the Arboretum in close to 15 years … thanks for the reminder how much I loved this place and an opportunity to go back at a discount!


Alicia and Colanne, I’ve reached out to our Groupon contacts about the gift problem. I’ll keep you posted.

Heather, you can buy up to four passes. I just did that without “gifting”—just a straight purchase of up to four tickets. So, if I understand your question—the answer is yes—you can buy three passes and give one to your son and husband.

Omar, no worries! It’s still early and Friday. But just to confirm—yes parking is FREE! It really is a good deal!


Eric and Ami—YES! Buy up to four and bring your family! When you are here—be sure to check out The Children’s Garden. It is a ton of fun — for all ages.


ERICA—not ERIC! Sorry, I mis-typed!

Elizabeth H.

If multiples are purchased, do they have to be used at the same time? Or should gifts be purchased separately to be able to used on other dates? Basically will Groupon provide four separate groupon certificates if four passes are purchased as you recommended? Thanks.

@ Elizabeth- it looks like you can print them seperately.

Here it says children 2 and under are free, on the MA web site it says 2 & over pay – which is it? My son just turned 2 and I need to know if he needs a pass.

Shari S.

This is the best children’s garden we’ve ever been to. Be sure to let your kids play in the water when it’s warmer.

“1 per person per visit” does that mean if my family of 4 goes only only one of us can use the groupon?

Laura C.

I have same question as Nadia K.

Good morning everyone. Our ‘buy it for a friend’ button was out late last night. We’ve given it wheatgrass and a hot yoga class, so its better now. Sorry for the issues this morning.


@Elizabeth—if you purchase multiple groupons, you don’t need to use them at the same time, but you have to use them before Aug. 31, 2011. And yes, Groupon will provide four separate printed passes for you.


@ Michelle—yes, your son will need a pass. Arboretum policy is children under 2 are free. Sorry for the confusion.


@ Nadia & Laura—A four-person family will need to buy 1 groupon and 3 gift groupons to use them at the same time.

Marjorie W.

Ok, so I just purchased four tickets. Now I’m trying to purchase four more as gifts. It won’t let me. What can I do?

Juli B.

Morton Arb – I rec’d a mailing about becoming a member. I will do so after I purchase this groupon. Thanks for the “reminder”!

Zach S.

@MortonArb/Chris from Groupon – To restate the question that I don’t think has been answered:
Can we use multiple groupons for the same family on the same trip? I would consider purchasing for myself, my wife, and our two sons and want to know if we each can use one on the same trip to the Arboretum.


@Marjorie W.—The maximum # you can purchase is 4.

Zach S.

Nevermind! MortonArb’s response to Nadia & Laura popped up after my previous comment. Please disregard, and thank you.


@Juli—that’s great! Thanks for being a member, and supporting our mission to plant and protect trees!

Marjorie W.

So let me make sure i’m clear. You can only purchase four tickets total regardless of whether it’s a gift or not?


@Marjorie-Correct. The total # of groupons you can buy is 4.

Dave L.

Great I look forward to visiting!

Hi.. we were experiencing problems with the gift portion and purchased all 4 this morning. We printed them and no it will not let me edit the purchase.. Can we use all four the same day even if it has the same name. thank you


I’m having problems purchasing gifts as well. Please advise.


@Judie—Yes, you can use all four the same day even if it has the same name.


@Joyce K. Click on “Give this Groupon as a Gift.” You can purchase up to three gift groupons. If you still have trouble purchasing, let us know!


I tried to make a purchase and it said “This email is already taken.” I have made several purchases using this same email address. Why won’t it take it now?


Nevermind. It must have been because I was trying to buy all 4 at the same time.

Anne M.

Your senses will be filled with joy and wonder! This place is good for the soul. The children’s garden is not just for kids either. Kids of all ages learn and connect with nature. The best gift I got for my husband is a membership for us. It’s different every time we go there. No matter what the season. Besides and trees, shrubs and flowers,we have seen great blue hurons, deer, geese, coyotes, and many many birds. Have a wonderful adventure my friends!


Anne, thanks so much for your kind and enthusiastic words. Of course—we agree! But it’s great for others to hear your take on the Arboretum, especially those who have never been here before.

Jennifer H.

Way to go Groupon!!! What a fantastic deal, if I must say. Thanks!!!

What? The fine print changed?

It now reads
Limit 1 per person per visit, may buy 3 more as gifts. Parking included.

Does that mean, I can use the one I bought myself, but the gift I bought my husband and the other I bought for my daughter can’t be used in the same visit with me?


FYI: If you have a suburban library card there are FREE passes to the Arboretum at your local library. See the details at http://www.museumadventure.org/

“@Judie—Yes, you can use all four the same day even if it has the same name.”

Just got an email saying that the 4 I purchased are NOT usable together? Although I can print them out…do I need to refund these or can I use the 4 coupons with my name on them at the same visit? Thanks!


Kathleen, the offer hasn’t changed—but just to clarify—you can buy 4 total tickets. You can use one per person per visit. SO, you can buy four and use them four seperate times for yoruself OR you can buy four—use one for yourself and bring three friends or family members on one visit—OR share the love and use one for yourself and give three to friends to use whenever they like. I hope that made sense!


@Julie H.—You can use the 4 coupons with your name on them at the same time.

Anne M.

I purchased two as gifts for two different friends but I did NOT hit the ‘give as gifts’ thingy. I don’t see them in my groupon list anymore to reprint. Is this going to be a problem for them to get in with my name on them? Thank you for your time

Laura Z.

I"m not going to get blocked if I bring four groupons for me and my family for one visit am i? It’s not one pass per group per visit, right?

William F.

thanks Diane for that reminder. Morton’s IS wonderful but has gotten pricey over the years for someone so “well endowed”.


Laura Z: Come on in all at once! One ticket is for one person and one admission. So if you bought four tickets—for you and for three family members you can redeem them together on the same day. We love families—and we want you to come together!

So, I want to buy 2 groupons (one for myself and one for my daughter, my son is 2), and I plan to use them on the same visit, is this okay? I am reading the discussion, but I am confused?!

i bought four for myself and now I want to buy two as gifts. Why won’t it let me do that?


@Anita the purchase limit is 4. @Emily B. You can use one for you and one for your daughter. It is one per person per visit. If you buy 4 and you have 4 people in your family, you each can use a coupon.


Thanks to all of you who have bought tickets: over 25,000 right now! We look forward to seeing you at the Arboretum this spring and summer!

Natalie Z.

JG – I bought two for myself and plan to bring my husband. If you read above, they have no problem with that. There is no need to use 4 separate emails.

Bridgetts W.

If you do choose to buys as gifts, you don’t need to provide different email addresses. That option is only if you want Groupon to email a link to the person you are giving the gift to, and have them print out the Groupon themselves.
You do have the option to print out the Groupon, which you are presumably giving as a gift, yourself. Just click on the radial below the “email to.” It says, “I’ll print it myself.”

Bridgetts W.

The reason why there is confusion is because the rep at Morton Arboreteum said this:

commented 2 days, 4 hours, and 48 minutes ago
“@ Nadia & Laura—A four-person family will need to buy 1 groupon and 3 gift groupons to use them at the same time.”

So if this is not the case, then I think the rep at Morton Arboreteum should be clearer and say something like:

“Oops! What I said earlier is not accurate. I would like the set the record straight and say that you can purchase four (4) tickets, and they do NOT have to be as gifts, so all would have the same name on them, and you can use all of them at the same time, the same visit, the same everything.”

The Morton rep has been answering, “it’s one per person, per visit.”
Well, of course it is one per person, per visit since why in the world would a person need more than one admission fee? So to answer someone with this as an answer, is not an answer. Hence why the confusion.

Bridgetts W.

To be clear, the reason why there is confusion is because two opposite answers were given to the same inquiry.

So which one is true?

MortonArb . commented 2 days, 8 hours, and 12 minutes ago

@ Nadia & Laura—A four-person family will need to buy 1 groupon and 3 gift groupons to use them at the same time.

OR THIS ONE (made three hours later):

MortonArb . commented 2 days, 5 hours, and 21 minutes ago

@Julie H.—You can use the 4 coupons with your name on them at the same time.


Bridgetts—thanks so much for taking the time to set the record straight. We didn’t intend to confuse people. Here is what I can tell you — from The Morton Arboretum side: as long as each person has a ticket with a unique # we will take that ticket: it doesn’t matter what name is on the ticket, just that they are unique ticket numbers. So, our team member who replied to Julie H is right. You don’t have to gift three of the tickets to get all four. I hope I have helped!

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