Rachel S.

This looks great! The artic char sounds phenomenal!

One question though: I don’t eat shellfish, scallops, or venison. Are there any substitutions permitted or vegetarian options for the starter course? And can the “chef’s surprise” accommodate dietary restrictions? I would be interested in purchasing this deal if such accommodations are possible, though I’ll understand if they aren’t.


Looking at the company website, I see a 7 course menu for $85 and a 3 course for $50. Where is the 5 course for $80? Is this a Groupon only menu?

Rachel, we are more than happy to accommodate your dietary needs, please mention your request when making your reservation and we can discuss alternative dishes for your meal.

Kel, yes this is a special groupon menu but if you would like to upgrade to the seven course you will just be charged the difference in price at the time of your visit. (the seven course price varies)


Tom W.

Philip- So it appears that a couple could use one each as there is no designation of ‘one per table’ as is often the case for restaurant Groupons. Thanks.

George M.

I have the same question as Rosana; are couples allowed to use two Groupons to cover both people?

I have a gift certificate to Oceanique. Am I able to use the gift certificate and the groupon for the same bill?

Rosana, George, this is a one per person groupon so if you want to come in with a party of four you will need four groupons. We are not limiting the ammount of groupons per table. 20 people, 20 groupons = office party, family gathering dinner etc.

Joan, this groupon cannot be combined with other discounts/offers but if you have a a gift certificate that was given to you with a monetary amount on it, then it is accepted.

Drew L.

If 7 courses is $85 and this groupon is sold as an $80 value than the upgrade from the 5 course groupon to the 7 Course $85 menu should be only $5; depending of course on the cost of the 7 course option that evening. Is this correct? This seems like one of those, ‘mark up the price to mark it down so it looks like a deal’ promotions.

Drew, if the 7 course is $85 at the time of your visit then the difference would be charged to you would be $5 per person that choses to upgrade. In regards your question of the similarity of the current prices of the 5 course and the 7, these menus have roughly the same quantity of food while the seven course has a few smaller portions that offset the price. They are both great menus and you are not restricted to one style of menu per table and are welcome to mix and match should you be interested.

I would also like to point out that the groupon cannot be combined with our free corkage offer on Mondays, but should you still like to bring in a bottle our normal fee applies ($30)

Ajit K.

philip, thanks for answering the questions immediately and comprehensively. We all appreciate when a business does that quickly.

Drew L.

I agree with Ajiit K. Better, more complete and open answers than I’ve seen from a business in quite some time.
Thanks Phillip

Sofia, you will need one groupon per person when you dine with us. You should be able to purchase up to 6 groupons per account. If you are having trouble please email groupon support asap and they can further assist you with your issue.

Thanks for the kind words.

I hope you all are as excited to join us as we are to share with you what we are so passionate about!

I know Rachel asked about dietary restrictions, but would it be possible to do an entire vegetarian meal? My boyfriend is a seafood lover and I hate to deprive him because of my choices! Thank you!

Carrianne, absolutly, Chef would be more than happy to accomodate you and prepare a veggie tasting. Please mention your request when you make your reservation.

Wendy R.

Used these groupons tonight for a good dinner, but was disappointed the 18% gratuity was charged not just on the food and drinks, but also on the food and bar taxes, which seemed a bit extreme.

@ Wendy R. – We had the same experience. I thought it was inappropriate to base the 18% gratuity on food, drink AND taxes.

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