• We're Coming to America: Your journey around the world starts at home: a class focusing exclusively on the wines of North America
  • Do You Come from a Land Down Under: This class will concentrate on some of our favorite new world powerhouses from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • Cook's Companion: This is kind of a spinoff of "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant." A bottle of red, great for say, a bolognese sauce and sipping; a bottle of white, great for seafood and sipping.
  • Bubblelicious: Funky sparklers that are sure to be the life of the party: samur, sparkling shiraz and cremant. ** Girl Power: Movers and shakers to small craft brew makers, the local and global women behind some of the greatest wines and beers our sister shops have to offer.
  • Que Syrah Shiraz: Sometimes it's syrah, sometimes it's shiraz, but one things for sure: it's the star of all the wines presented in this class.
  • I Left My Heart In. Wines from Washington, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Everything Old is New Again (Old World Wines): This isn't your mother's France and Italy. We will be focusing on the smaller regions and more unusual varietals from old world European meccas.