Camilla M.

This place is awesome, my husband and I are buying 5 for sure!!

Keaton N.

I’m assuming we can use these toward the prix fixe meals? Thanks.

Y D.

Keaton — As mentioned by Alka two posts up… Yes, you can use the Groupon toward the prix fixe and the early bird.

Y D.

Just saw this to make the deal even better… A Free Glass of Champagne!


Visit the web site for a coupon you can print. There isn’t any small print saying you can’t use the coupon with any other offers (i.e. a Groupon). The only thing is that you need 1 coupon per person, can’t use it on a couple holidays, and the limit is 4 people per table.



Alkarim J.
As with Cote Sud in the Castro, what happens if the restaurant closes within the year

of expiry and one has not used all of their groupons? Has this happened before? It’s a matter of whether you buy one or two or multiple for gifts. Thanks!

Eric R.

Hi Alkarim
We have absolutly no intentions of going out of business in fact we are celebrating our 5th anniversary on may 10th if you wanna join us…………Cheers;
Eric Lanvert
Chef de cuisine, Owner at Rue Saint Jacques

Alkarim J.

Merci Eric!
I live in the neighborhood and suspected so, but these Groupons
are irresistible and are piling up lately. Thanks for the reassurance.
A bientot,

Hello! Are we able to use the coupons (if we buy 3) all the same time and if so, what’s the maximum # of people per table for 3 coupons? Thanks!

Karla T

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