Natalie R.

How long is the total treatment — 30 minutes? Is there a mask/moisturiser after the dermabrasion?

Thank you.

Carla P.

The fine print has the numbers transposed related to the initial redemption date; it should be 11/10. The longer explanation has it correctly written, but I think that people who only read the short one on this may pass due to the very limited appearing redemption time.

Christina O.

It means October 11th (10/11). The numbers are not transposed. But it probably would be helpful to have the year listed for those who are quickly glancing.

Stephenie L.

I live nearby and 3 times I tried going in there to find out what services they had or a price list, and each time no one would look up or even acknowledge that I’d walked in. I felt very unwelcome so I ended up going elsewhere.

jenny r.

LOVE LOVE Spa Space! So excited to see them on Groupon.

Jeanne G.

I just bought the groupon. I hope the date to redeem is Oct. 11 not Nov. 10 on a previous comment. I’ve had micro-dermabrasion before & this price is a great deal.

Nikki O.

Gina at SpaSpace is the best. If you purchase this deal, be sure to book with her.

jenny r.

massages at Spa Space rock!!! Haven’t done the microdermabrasion yet, but can’t wait to try it.

Toby S.

Great groupon! i’ve had microderm here at full price and had very good results – wish I could buy more than one session for myself. The other services are also fab!

Toby, who did your microdermabrasion? Can anyone else make recommendations?

Carmela G.

Nikki O – thanks for recommending Gina!! I most definitely will go with her.

I love microdermabrasion, it makes my skin feel great! The girl I normally go with is on maternity leave so this is great news at a great price! Can’t wait to redeem!

Mele S.

If I buy 4- for a girls day. Would I be able to schedule the treatements concurrently?

lexi h.

I’ve been to spaspace several times and had facials from jeanine and indira. Both are excellent, so I would see either of them for microdermabrasion. And I’ve already bought my groupon, so I can’t wait to go and use it. I’m hoping they’ll let me add a hot peel to it – my favorite!!

Sreya B.

how often do you need to have it done for it to effectively remove the scars? Is once enough?

jud i.

can i wail till Dec to use this?

Yang Chen

Taking the guys out here. Does Spa Space have the manpower to service for men concurrently, in the same room?

Karen M.

I would be extremely careful about expiration dates from Groupon. I bought 2 certificates for other items and both of them had long-term dates which turned out to be invalid because it was a ’seasonal" certificate.

I would like to have microdermabrasion with full facial (normally priced $175). Can I apply this groupon towards this service (and pay the difference)?

Yang Chen

Anyone know how soon in advance you have to reserve because of Groupon sales? My boys and me go to spas just spontaneous.

Katie C.

I’ve had microderm here many times and Jeanine is great!

Jayna C.

Hey Spa Space lovers,

Just to reiterate the Groupon is valid from Oct 11. (this coming Monday, since this feature ends Sunday) ALL the way thru Oct.11, 2011. You have a whole year :)


Natalie R.

How long is the total treatment — 30 minutes? Is there a mask/moisturiser after the dermabrasion?

Thank you.

Amanda P.


On your list of services online, you can get a full facial for $175 with the microdermabrasion. Can you upgrade this package by $45 and get the facial as well?

How long is the treatment?

Jayna C.

Hi Terri,

Treatment is about 30 mins.

@ Amanda, checking on it – be back!


Jayna C.

@ AMANDA, Upgrades are no problem. You can pay the difference directly to Spa Space. Just make sure to mention when you are booking because that is a longer service.

Thanks, Jayna

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