Mark R.

Does this include the deluxe options or just the basic wash?

Chris from Groupon

Hey Mark,

The 3 month pass is for the Lone Star Package and the 1 year pass is for the Ultimate Shine Package, you can read more about what exactly these two packages include here: http://www.txshine.com/services


Chris from Groupon

Gerry B.

What about trucks? Does this change any of the options. F350.

Chris from Groupon

Hey Gerry,

It does not change any of the options that we are offering. This Groupon is valid for any and all of the 10 locations that are listed. You are not limited to just one location with this unlimited wash pass. I believe there are a couple of locations that cannot fit dually trucks but I will have Texas Shine staff hop on this discussion and confirm which locations this pertains to.


Chris from Groupon

When using an unlimited Texas Shine wash pass, Texas Shine will make you adhere the pass to your window. This pass not only includes a bar code, but also includes the Texas Shine logo. The pass must be adhered to the front window or corner of the back window. Just wanted to let people know because Texas Shine does not state it on the Groupon terms, nor do they post it on their website. We bought one of these without that term being stated, and when we just tried to hand the pass to the Texas Shine employee, they denied us service. When calling management to explain that this was not in our written contract that we signed, they were very difficult. Living in Texas, we already have enough stickers as it is. We prefer not to be someone’s advertisement on wheels.

Debby S.

This is an awesome deal thanks Groupon!

Aaron A.

Our family is not one to spend money unnecessarily, but I have to admit the Texas Shine car wash is very convenient.
My wife has been the primary car washer for the past 20 years, and it’s the best she can do to wash the cars once a month in our driveway. It takes her hours to clean all 3 cars. After 1 week, the cars looked dirty again.
When I use Texas Shine, I now have the cars washed once a week, and they look great. It gives us a good feeling to drive clean cars.
If I did it myself at the local do-it-yourself car wash, it would cost about $4.00 per visit if I work very quickly. That’s $16 per month.
At Texas Shine $19 divided by 3 months = about $6.33 per month, and I actually go have the cars washed because I’ve already paid for it and I want to get my money’s worth.


The locations you can take your dually trucks with no extra charge is Perrin Beitel, Naco @ 1604, Huebner @ Stone Oak, and Blanco @ 1604.

Hope this helps!!!


Destiny R.,

Thank you for your continued patronage. We totally understand how frustrating it can be to have stickers in your windshield and how some customers would prefer not to advertise for businesses, however, the ‘barcode’ is necessary in order to issue a wash for each visit. If you do not want to display the Texas Shine logo on your windshield, you may cut off that portion of the sticker. However, the barcode portion must remain in view on your windshield as a security feature to insure that only the vehicle on the plan is being washed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and your continued patronage at Texas Shine.

This is NOT a Good Deal for YOU!

WOAI did a Troubleshooter Consumer Investigation on 11/19 about their bad business practices and F rating for consumers.

Check their Better Business Rating here: www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/car-wash-and-polish/texas-shine-full-service-and-detail-shop-in-schertz-tx-34491

They are trying to get NEW customers because their former customers leave after a bad experience. DON’T be their next victim to call the Better Business Bureau.

If I buy this does the 3 months start now or after my first use. I ask because I will be out of town most of December because I am a student. So can I buy this group on and wait till January to use it?

David B.


your membership will start when you take your proof of purchase into any of our 10 locations and they issue you your membership sticker.

Thank You

Melissa E.

I used to have a wash pass to Texas Shine. I used it to get my car washed every week, and it always looked great. I have always used the location at Blanco and 604,and never had any issues at all. I can’t speak for any of the other locations, but I trust that my car will be cleaned correctly and without damage. I have checked out the link that Kevin M attached, and it appears to be only the schertz location, and possibly the Nacogdoches??
I would just like to say that getting this groupon really is a good deal if you plan to use it regularly, like I always did. I have missed having the pass, and my car never looks very pretty :(
I will be purchasing this groupon and look forward to using it.
Enjoy and have a happy car!!

Melissa E.

CORRECTION: That should be Blanco and 1604….

David B.

Kevin M.

BBB is a scam and the troubleshooters will investigate anything when the news is slow. Wolfgang Puck has a failing BBB score as well as the Ritz Carlton in NY.

thanks to all our loyal customers.


It’s a matter of opinion. I’m a customer at Texas Shine and very happy with the service I received. I can have a bad experience at a local fast food experience and say it is awful but you may think it is the greatest place to eat. Again……. it’s a matter of opinion.

Earlier this month ABC News did a segment on BBB. It mention that you pay the BBB for your rating: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/business-bureau-best-ratings-money-buy/story?id=12123843

I’m just saying………

Melinda L.

Just wanted to put it out there that the BBB to me seems like a scam. To get a good rating you have to pay the BBB a membership fee. If you had seen the report done by ABC with one of the most world renown chefs, Wolfgang Puck, who has an F rating with the BBB because he does not pay them their fee. As for Texas Shine, I have never had any problems and the deal that they are offering is unbelievable. How often can you use a coupon unlimited!!!

If I purchase the unlimited Lone Star package for $19. per month for three months, what will it cost additionally if I want to have the interior cleaned?

The BBB rating is for the local home office and their current office for all the carwash locations.

If you don’t trust the BBB, an organization that asks businesses to pay a small annual fee to cover operational costs to protect the consumer, try the links below. The truth does come out and you should do your own investigation for truth.

Slow day or not, does it make the WOAI report in less true?

Try these consumer web links:

1. www.yelp.com/biz/texas-shine-car-wash-san-antonio

2. ww.merchantcircle.com/business/Texas.Shine.Express.Car.Wash.210-564-8322 READ THE LEFT NAVIGATION section.

3. www.insiderpages.com/b/3722290148/texas-shine-car-wash-schertz

Beth A.

Groupon, I’m a little confused. Your promotion says Unlimited washes for $19 for 3 months worth $60, but the UNLIMITED car washes for 3 months are $120. The Lone Star wash is the $60 package. So, just what are we buying?

David B.

the 3 month lone star wash is normally 19 a month. you are buying one month and getting 2 for free. all the information on the passes is on www.txshine.com

Beth A.

OK, David, That is what I thought. Your posting is misleading, so you may need to update it. The promotion specifically says $19 for the ULTIMATE wash. I like Groupon and don’t want it to get in trouble for misleading consumers.

David B.

it is 19 dollars for unlimited lone star washes for 3 months.

Thank You

Make sure you have them tape down your back window windshield wiper if you have one!!!! Everytime you go through you need to specifically ask them to do this. This is a major complaint with them….they know this happens but they don’t do anything about it and they won’t repair/replace it when they break it.

Mindy i.

I love GROUPON, but today’s deal won’t work for me. This company screwed me over by damaging my new vehicle and denying any claim. They do admit to giving me poor service and invited me to have it redone, Do they think I would actuallly trust them with my vehicle , again?

Tracy M.

DO NOT BUY THIS!!! I bought the same thing from another coupon site, and it’s terrible. It does NOT include any interior cleaning or vacuuming. You can get the same thing by driving your car through the gas station wash for $5. The only thing they add is the swipe of a drying cloth. I paid the additional $7 for the interior, and they did a terrible job. Just swiped at my center console and didn’t even touch the dash. I had to do it myself when I got home. Requested, and got, a refund for my other coupons from the other site. Don’t waste your time or money.

Tracy M.

P.S. Totally misleading to call it the “Ultimate.” Not so sure what is ultimate about not touching the inside.

Chris from Groupon

-Tracy and Beth,

Thanks so much for the input. That is why we have the discussion board, so our subscribers can be sure and not have any confusion when purchasing Groupons. As far as something being misleading, these are just the names of the two different packages we are offering via Texas Shine. The Lone Star option for $19 (3 months) or the Ultimate Shine option for $199 (12 months). Again, here is a description of the services: http://www.txshine.com/services

Thanks again, and have a great holiday!

-Mindy, Groupon loves you too, thanks! Sorry you don’t like today’s deal but the great thing about Groupon is that tomorrow brings a new day and a new deal!


Chris from Groupon

Carly W.

Stocking stuffers done! Thanks Texas Shine for making this so easy.

John M.

this is a really good deal. i paid full price for my ultimate shine pass and it has been worth every penny so far.

Liz W.

Sweet!! I didn’t have to get up early for this “black friday deal”. I’m a happy, satisfied customer and it will be a totally cool gift to give.

Thanks Groupon & Texas Shine!! :)

Lupe J.

As far a car washes go i enjoy going to txshine 3009. The wash is good people are nice and the prices are cheap. I used to go to the wash tub and the gave me horrible service. The ultimate shine is the pass i have on my car i love it. I never have to get out unless i want to!


Wow! This is like an awesome deal.
I agree w/ Carly……. great stocking stuffers. Can’t miss this deal.
Thk u TX Shine!!

Fred C.

i just purchased the LONE STAR package thinking it was the ULTIMATE…. i wonder if i can pay a small premium to upgrade my Lone Star package to an Ultimate for the next three months?

Sam L.

My wife got a one year membership when we bought her new car, we have had memberships like this in the past with other carwashes and have always received great service, and no different at Texas Shine, we have the “gold” membership and always use the one on Bandera Rd. and have experienced nothing but promp courteous service. Im thinking about buying one for my work truck. This is really a good deal!!!

David B.

Fred C.
Yes you absolutely can. when you take your groupon coupon to the store just let them know the circumstances and that you want to upgrade it.

Thank you

Add your comments to the WOAI report by Angel Covarrubias at angel.covarrubias@woaitv.com. He needs to hear from you!

Michael Preetorius, Texas Shine’s useless General Manager told him it’s “only a few people that aren’t happy.” But the truth is there are hundreds of people with damaged vehicles from these guys. If it really was only a few and they had done millions, wouldn’t it make sense to take responsibility for a “few unhappy customers and make it right?”

Now, to be fair, accidents do happen. But these Texas Shine Car Wash guys accept no responsibility for damage that their own video cameras have captured and know their eqiuipment fuses blow and damage cars.

Great stocking stuffer…….$19 for $2,000 worth of car damage on a 50 day old vehicle. Priceless!

David B.

Andrew W.

I truly apologize for what seems to be a series of bad experiences. First of all let me assure you that if you have an issue with the wax service you received we will be more than happy to re-do that for you AND remove any wax “splatter” that may have got on your trim. As for our Bandera road location, It is one of our busiest locations, and although checking every car to insure quality is a priority of ours, sometimes vehicles slip thru the process without a quality check, and for that we apologize. Our Perrin Beitel location is working fine, and has been for sometime, please keep in mind that the carwashes are machines and machines do break down from time to time, unfortunately the incident you are speaking of required a part that was on national backorder and took quite a while to get. Our prices, however are the most competitive in the San Antonio and surrounding areas, If you take the time to check for yourself, the competitions prices are considerably higher than ours, Plus, with our pricing we offer our customers a dicounted price, giving them the power to bundle multiple services to meet their needs, and the added bonus is our “gold and platnum” memberships offer our customers additional buying power with “wash bucks” than can get them substantial dicounts from $20-50 off their additional services. If you are truly upset and dont wish to give us the opportunity to keep you as a valued customer, I apologize, if you would like us to deliver you the service our 60-70,000 monthly customers enjoy, plese contact our corporate office and we will be glad to help you….Thank you.

@ David,

Really, when I protested to Michael Preetorius, he cancelled both of my memberships. When I asked for a refund, he refused and I let American Express take care of returning my purchase price and reversing the charges to TSCW. Horrible customer service and inferior carwashing equipment at every location.

How many car damage reports does TSCW really have turned in every day?

Leaf V.

@ Kevin

Dont know what your deal is with these people, but from what im reading most of the people here think its a great deal, You said a "fuse"blew and caused damage to your vehicle….hmmmm..im an electrician by trade and things like that just dont work when the fuse blows, afterall, if a fuse blows in your house, do the walls fall in and damage a table? anyways…im sure someone who reads this can appreciate you being such a consumer watchdog/advocate, as for me..I am not one to turn down a deal and a few friends of mine use Texas Shine and prior to me getting online all ahve said they have never been happier with the service they get. Maybe you should try to get with these folks and work out your issues….

george w.

I have been useing the Shine for some time now and have almost always been satisfied. When i was’nt, they took care of it right away. Sorry for those complaining, but we’re all human and we all make mistakes. As long as someone is willing to make it right than thats enough for me. And the Shine has never failed to make it right.
I say if you dont like carwashes than get off your lazy @sses and wash your own car!
Texas Shine is a very good company and does a good job at what they do, wash cars.
A loyal patron.

David B.

Andrew W.

I apologize for failing to keep you as a customer. We are not perfect, but we are trying. Hopefully down the road we can regain your trust and keep you as a customer. Thank you for business and again, If we can do anything for you , please dont hesitate to call…

David B.

Andrew W.

Thank you sir for the opportunity to at least try to retain you as a customer, All of the negative comments are a matter of opinion, We do our best to service our customers and understand we may not meet everyones expectations. Again thank you sir, and our offer stands….

Mark R.

How do I stop following this topic by email?

Hang S.

If I buy two 3-month packages, can I redeem them at once for a single vehicle to get 6-month washes? My current 1-year pass won’t expire until next April and hopefully I can do this to “renew” it.

If I purchase this pass will I have to pay anything else when I take my car in for a wash? I have noticed that a lot of car washes in the San Antonio area have 2 prices listed, one for people that pay for a pass & those who do not have a pass.

Chris from Groupon

Hang S.- I will let Texas Shine address that question. You have 6 months to activate the pass, so theoretically you could buy 2, activate 1 and after the 3 months activate the other for a total of 6 months but I’m not sure if they will allow you to use both at once.

Nancy Z.- These passes take care of the wash, if you want upgrades they are available as well but there is no hidden cost, you get a full wash with these passes.


Chris from Groupon

Sarah C.

I bought this deal last time Groupon had the deal, bought an “Express Wax”. The detailer caught the seal around the driver’s side window and tore it off, including tearing the metal guidepiece embedded in the seal. We made a complaint while still at the Nacogdoches location, and the manager onsite said no problem. Then I began a month long runaround with the main office, calling, emailing, etc. When I finally got hold of “Dave” he said, no problem, we have cameras there, we can look at them and see what happened and fix it. Get an estimate and email it to us. Which I did, and then began another monthlong run around by phone and email trying to get them to respond. Finally got hold of “Ray” and he said I know nothing about this, even though Dave had told me that it was in Ray’s hands and he had to make the decision. Ray calls me back (FIrst time anyone there had EVER called me, even though I had left so many messages the receptionist knew me by name!) and said, no, we are NOT responsible. It is impossible to do this damage with a ‘Touch Free Wash". !!! When I reminded him that this was NOT a wash, this was a wax, with a hand held buffing machine, he said, still not possible. I asked if they had looked at the video? No, he said, but that made no difference. We didn’t do it. !?!?!? Bottom line: be careful with what you have them do, as they will NOT take care of ANY damage that they make. My car was pristine when it went for a “wax”. They state that the damage was already there.

Teng X.

Is tips expected for the towel dry and tire dressing coming with the ultimate pass?
BTW, a minor suggestion to Groupon: it would be great to have a “go to bottom” or “post comment” button at the beginning of the discussion page.

Mindy i.

David, How could you lie to people and say you will address the issue by calling your corporate office? You have a gate keeper that answers the phone and asks you to leave a message. No one ever calls back unless you threaten to call the media. What kind of smoke are you blowing? Your Schertz store not only cracked my dash, they locked the keys in my (just purchased)suburban and took it upon themselves to try and pry it open and damaged my door panel and paint in the process. What kind of operation are you running. You need to take your behinds up to the locations and find out what is going on along with Chris and the gang. Andrew W., I may need your assistance on this one.

David B.

Sarah C.
Texas Shine has always taken the initiative to resolve customer claims and or issues, However, when a manager inspects the damage and determines the “said” damage was not caused by the wash process and or additional ala carte services the claim would be denied.. We wax hundreds of vehicles weekly with no incident, hed there been indisputable evidence proving otherwise, your claim would have been resolved

David B.

Mindi I.

It is only fair that I remind you that at first you claimed the detail work not to be to your satisfaction, We offered to re-do that service at no charge to you and also sent you a $200.00 gift card for your trouble. As far as the “said” damages to your vehicle, you left your vehicle that morning, picked it up late that afternoon and left town, only after you returned did you file an incident report in reguards to these “said” damages in which they were denied based on the following FACTS, We do not use any implement or object that could crack a dash board, Nor as you claim, do we “lay” on dashes in order to clean them. As for the keys being locked in your vehicle, We use a professional locksmith in Schertz to unlock any and all vehicles that may belocked due to failure to disarm alarm systems or by accident, We also remove all keys from the vehicles while being detailed to avoid such events from occuring. To our knowledge, there was no attempt to enter your vehicle while it was locked on our premises.

Mindy i.

David B., FALSE, You need to gather your facts accurately, as I have documented every detail, trust me.

Andrew W.

Thank you, I will do that.

I do not understand why there are so many negative comments. I have used Texas Shine for years now and have NEVER had a problem. I have dealt with the GM on a claim and he was courteous and prompt in answering all my questions and got my issue resolved quickly. Why not for once contact the news on all the GOOD Texas Shine does for the community? They have donated to my sons’ school on numerous occasions as well as other charities throughout the community. If you don’t like it suck it up and find another deal!!!

Mindy i.

Andrew W…..David is a liar. I never received it. I told them there was no point in sending it in the first place. Why would I want to get screwed a second time? DUH!!

Mindy i.

Vanessa, trust me, if you value your vehicle, you would listen up and not become a victim. Take this a your deal of the day for FREE

Wow, Andrew and Mindi, for being “professional adults” you two are acting like toddlers. This is a business discussion not a playground.

David B.

Thank you Vanessa for your LOYAL PATRONAGE, It is customers like you who have given Texas Shine the opportunity prosper within the community…again thank you and dont hesitate to contact us if you EVER need another donation to your sons school…THANK YOU

Mindy i.

Wow! Vanessa….do you happen to work for TX Dull, I mean…Tx Shine. We are supposed to help others not allow them to walk into a snake pit. Donations are great, too. This is a discussion on reviews/comments on the particular company.

No I don’t, I am a stay at home mom. And it seems to me that you are bashing this company not helping others.

Su T.

Hi Groupon or Texasshine, can you pls address the questions raised by me and Teng while the arguments are going on? Thanks.

David B.

Teng X

Tipping is totally at your discretion, you are not obligated to do so with any purchase.

Su T.

So can I redeem two 3-month groupon at once to get 6 months?

Mindy i.

David B,
I reserve the right to tell my experience with your company in this forum. I have no interest nor time to bash a company who is fair in their dealings and trust me the matter is not over and will be addressed at the appropriate venue.
As for Vanessa and others who may have had a good experience with your company, I wish them luck. I will continue to escalate this matter until the damage to my vehicle is repaired and I am made whole.

David B.

Su T.

what you would have to do is redeem one of your three month passes, then once your three months is over activate the second one.

Su T.

David B., it would be more helpful if you read my question to better understand the situation before answering it. Chris from Groupon actually had replied the same thing and also “will ask Texas Shine to address this question”.

Jill R.

I just purchased the Texas Shine deal for $19.00 and can not print it out. I click on print and the screen goes grey and won’t print. Any suggestions out there? Has this ever happened to anyone else or am I doing something wrong?


I am somewhat disappointed in my purchase for my lady… With me living in California… I thought for sure I was getting her a good deal to have some clean her car… Nope, she tells me it is a WASH ONLY… does not include towel drying, no vaccuming, no tire works… etc. It is Air dry … Oops! Unless I come out of pocket more… Lessoned learnt! READ THE FIND PRINT!!!!

I unfortunately missed this great deal….Do these vendors ever repeat??


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