Thanks for your interest in this deal! Here are answers to a couple of questions we’ve received.

- Does the Groupon cover Fandango’s convenience charge?

Yes, the convenience charge is included. Groupon users will not have to pay the convenience charge.

- How soon can I redeem this Groupon?

As soon as you have it. If you do not see showtimes for The Lincoln Lawyer, they may not be listed yet or your theater may not participate with Fandango. Please allow 24 hours for theaters to post all of their showtimes.

Let us know if you have any questions at support@groupon.com

Steve T
Groupon Customer Support

When would these expire? Is it when the movie is no longer showing in theaters?

wedyana p.

Can I buy more than one? and can I use it at AMC theather?

Glen F.

How much would it cost make Matthew McConaughey stop making movies?

How come most major movie theaters do not have online ticketing available? How can I redeem my voucher if I cannot purchase the tickets online?

marguerite h.

you guys are doing interviews now? interesting.


That’s six dollars too much.

Lol. Shouldn’t they be trying to give these away?

@Maria every major theater DOES use online ticketing, but not all of them sell through Fandango. You need to choose a theater that sells tickets through Fandango. LA Live, CityWalk, Marina Del Rey etc.

According to the ratings so far on Rotten Tomatoes, 86% of the audience wants to see this flick: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/lincoln_lawyer/

wedyana p.

Do you ahve to use this on the Friday 16 2011 only? Can you use it other day? Is it ok to use in AMC?

sumir m.

Hi everyone – this Groupon is valid during the film’s entire theatrical run. So there is no expiry. You can buy 2 per account and gift an additional 2 to a friend.

Unfortunately, you have to redeem the Groupon through theaters that ticket online through Fandango. You can find a list of theaters near you by going to www.fandango.com.

Kim T.

I have to say, I am fairly new to Groupon. The first couple things I bought were “as advertised”. I wasted $12 on this one. Not one theater near me has “on-line” tickets available. Since I promoted the groupon on facebook – no I am complicit in this misrepresentation. That will NEVER happen again. You guys just lost me over $12 bucks. Was it worth it??

Zoe S.

I’m with Kim. T. Not one of my local theaters has on-line ticketing, so yeah $12 wasted.
I’m very disappointed.

I have the same problem as others. The first six theaters nearest my zip code showing this movie don’t have online ticketing. I assumed that theaters on Fandango would let you purchase online.

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