Can the Groupon be used for Fri Pixie Skate?

Do adults need to pay admission if they are not skating?

website says Sun is always free to non-skating parent… more info on schedule link in ad

Lisa V.

Can this deal be used for Wednesday Adult Skate, 7:30-10:00?

April M.

Good Morning—Melissa you can use the Groupon for admission and skate rental, however, you can’t combine the offers to get the free drink.

Jennifer—Laurie is correct Sunday does include 1 free parent admission—with a paid child admission of $6 plus $2.50 for skate rental =$8.50 —so the Groupon deal saves you .50 (if you are renting skates).

If you were to use the Sunday special of free parent admission and planned to skate the Groupon is saving you $3.

April M.

Yes Lisa it can. It can be used for ANY general admission skate. Thanks and enjoy!

I’ve repeatedly tried to buy the deal for today, but keep gettting this error: “An account already exists for Jennifer.Trimmier@gmail.com. Please sign in first.” – I’ve tried to sing out and sign back in…I’ve even closed my browser, cleared cookies/cache and re-signed in to try to buy and keep getting the same message over and over. I’ve also noticed that my previously bought Groupons are not showing in my account. :(

April M.

Good Morning Jennifer! Sorry you are having “technical difficulties” but if you email support@groupon.com or call 877-788-7858 we can get you fixed up!



April M.

Hi Eva-the answers to your questions are below. Thanks for your interest!

-Expires Mar 21, 2011
- Limit 5 per person.

ashley o.

Just a quick question for Groupon staff- If a friend buys a groupon through my link, how long before I should look for a credit?

April M.

Hi Ashley-Processing can sometimes take a few days, but I would recommend calling or emailing support so they can tell you for sure. They can be reached by emailing support@groupon.com or by calling 877-788-7858. Thanks!


Love this place!! If you have not ever tried it the staff are great, the place is clean and the floor is smooth. This is a 45 minute drive for us but we all have such a great time and get some great exercise. We just went last week and they had really done some enhancements since we were there last. As a tip…if you are a skating adult like me, take some quarters so you can use the lockers against the wall. You can securely store you stuff there, pin the key to your shirt and you are off.

jennifer d.

There are 8 in our family. can i buy 5 for me and more as gifts?

April M.

Jennifer—-the max is 5 per person. If one of the 7 others in your household is an adult/has an email address sign them up for Groupon too so that you can get 5 your yourself and they can buy 5 too!

Laura B.

How much does it cost to upgrade your skates to rollerblades?

theresa m.

I want only 3 groupons for the skating rick but was charge for 5 groupons how do Iget credit for the other 2 groupons

April M.

Laura please call Rollercade directly and they will be happy to provide you that information.

Theresa-please reach out to support so that they can assist you. They can be reached by emailing support@groupon.com or by calling 877-788-7858. Thanks!

Just called – regular skate rental is $2.50, which is included with the Groupon. Inline skate rental is $4.00, so to rent inline skates you pay the difference of $1.50. :)

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