When can we start redeeming?

what is the price at gate ? I never bothered even though I live in Toluca lake..


I love supporting these guys so a little more exposure for them never hurts! Their haunted house looks to be not as scary as Knott’s Scary Farm, and certainly not as vast, so kids can do it, but just enough to give em a little shake in their pants! The petting zoo is what its all about. And they are wonderful people who come down from Bakersfield with all their trees and pumpkins in tow every year.

Would this be appropriate for kids to go through on their own? I have two kids 8 & 10, but do the parents have to pay or go through with them?


I think its the perfect thing for 8-10 yr olds to do on their own. :)

Ryan M.


You can start redeeming tomorrow.


The price at the gate is $12.


Ryan with Groupon

So do parents have to pay too, or only the kids doing the petting zoo and maze?

Kat T.

Do kids under 2 have to pay?

Caryn H.

I told my kids here and the pumpkin select was great, but the petting zoo and maze weren’t. I wouldn’t go here when there are so many other places to go.

This Groupon is only offering a discount on Pumpkins. THe door price is the same. This offer is very misleading. Only 1 yr olds are free. The petting zoo is $4 plus $1 for food which is already all over the ground. The maze sucks! it’s really old stuff lying on lounge chairs and is about 400 sq. ft. total at best. The maze is $6. I ttok my kids there this past weekend and it cost me $30 for me, my 3 yr old and my mother to walk through with my 1 yr old. A total rip off! This deal is for ONE to enter both the maze and the petting zoo. Yes, I had to pay for me and my daughter, but my son was free.

When redeeming this Groupon the cashier Steve at the location asked if we wanted to go to the Haunted Maze or Petting Zoo, in which the admission for each is $6 so 2 people going to both would be 24. But we only got to choose one, making this groupon a savings for $2 not $14.

Jonathan is right, at the gate they only let you do either the petting zoo or the maze (or one ticket for each). This groupon made it seem like you got 2 petting zoo tickets and 2 maze tickets. Very misleading, I never wouldve bought this if I knew I was paying $10 for $12 worth of services. Plus the “maze” isnt at a maze at all…its a large room with a bunch of trash (no seriously, theres piles of trash and we found a rusted exacto knife lying on a table). I didnt expect it to be scary or anything, but I was at least expecting somewhat of a maze.

Totally not worth it. I bought 1 groupon for $10, and it would have been the same price had I bought the tickets there. $6 for the maze and $4 for the petting zoo. Out of principle I did not buy any more tickets once I was there.

Seana and Janice, I emailed Groupon and they told me they are working on a full refund, you should email them as well. :)

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