Can this be used during dineLA’s Restaurant Week?

Julie H.

If the restaurant is involved in this Q&A, I’d like to ask if there are generally vegetarian entree specials or options. I’d love to dine at Traxx, but don’t really see any options for my partner and I’s diet. Thanks!

Christopher T.

The restaurant is very atmospheric – alas, I have only seen it – I have not eaten there yet – I will now, of course – but it does seem to fill the need for a sort of left-of-center place to have a meal in Los Angeles. And Union Station is a terrific place to bring guests (those from out of town as well as locals who have never seen it – most locals have not seen it) as it is one of the few places in Los Angeles that retains some real charm and some real HISTORY – sadly missing in L.A. The station is a wooden Western-Deco marvel and a world-class amazement. I am happy to give Traxx a try!

Christopher T.

Hey Julie H – The Waldorf Salad and the Linguini are both vegetarian seeming dishes.

Andrew F.

The Fine Print says the groupon can’t be used on holidays. Does New Year’s Eve count as a holiday?

Joy S.

Can the groupon be used this evening?

Joy S – no, the Groupon will not be available for use until the offer is over (tonight at midnight). You can print and use the Groupon starting tomorrow.

Sawyer D – sorry, but as usual, the Groupons cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Does Traxx validate parking? If not, how much will parking cost?

Do we have to use the whole $50 on the same day or can we receive credit for another day for the amount that was not used? thanks

No one seems to be answering my question or the one after it.

Michael G.

Linda, not hard to find the answer to your question if you take 2 seconds to look:

Parking Details: 2 hours complimentary – Lunch 3 hours complimentary – Dinner

Evelyn, you almost always have to use the full amount in one sitting with groupon.

Michael G.

These are the universal restrictions that apply to every Groupon (unless specifically contradicted in the deal’s fine print):

Not valid for cash back (unless required by law).
Must use in one visit.
Doesn’t cover tax or gratuity.
Can’t be combined with other offers.
Can’t use until day after purchase.

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