I would be interested in purchasing the Groupon for the 2 night mid-week stay however, we would be bringing our 2 year old daughter with us for a mini family getaway. I see on the website that the beach view jacuzzi suite is for adults only. Does this Groupon cover other rooms for the 2 night stay (perhaps the deluxe beach view room which i think is less expensive per day)?

Brittany M.

Shannon > The midweek room only applies to the Ocean View Room. It is BEAUTIFUL! I highly suggest you take advantage!! Enjoy :)

Brittany Groupon

Brenda R.

I am interested in this offer as well. I would be doing the 1 night, but bringing my family. 2 adults/2 children. As Shannon asked, does the Groupon cover other rooms?

Thanks for your help. I guess my confusion is that there are 2 ocean view room types listed on the Trump Plaza website – the jacuzzi suite and the deluxe room version so I am wondering if the Groupon allowed for your choice of these 2 ocean view rooms (one choice for adults only and one choice for family) for the 2 night stay or if you had to commit to the jacuzzi suite only?

Brenda – I was looking at the room types on the hotel website and it looks like the 1 night stay room (the deluxe room) does allow for children – i think the only room that doesn’t allow for it is the jacuzzi room.

Laura A.

Do you have to book your stay by June 30th or actually complete the stay by June 30th?

Brittany M.

All: Sorry for the confusion! The two night stay is good for the Ocean View Room – which is the upgraded version of the deluxe room, having a more spacious ocean view – NOT the Ocean View Jacuzzi Suite for adults only. So yes, kids are welcome!

The $149 is the price per room! Not per person..


Brittany Groupon

Kimberly W.

Hi, I was wondering if all other taxes and fees are included in this price? And the Ocean View Room, can that be with two double or queen beds?

That is great news! I will be planning to purchase this Groupon and take our little family on a mini-vacation! Thanks for your help.

Just FYI – in the text of the offer, it suggests that this deal applies to the Jacuzzi Room and details what that room has to offer. I think that is where the confusion came in. Glad to hear (in my case at least) that its actually the Ocean View Deluxe Room!

Brittany M.

Kimberly – Taxes and fees are included. The room is for a King bed, but you can request two doubles at the time of your reservation!

Shannon – We are correcting that on our site as we speak, there was a bit of confusion. The 2 night stay Sun-Thurs is for the Beach View Deluxe Room – which is the Deluxe room, upgraded to a beach view! Kids are welcome! :)

Groupon Brittany

Jonathan D.

Can I buy 2 of the two-night and use one for me and one for my partner? We’d like to go Sunday-Wednesday or Monday-thursday for 4 days. We just want to make sure we won’t have to check- in and then move to another room after two days.


Lisa J.

I am interested in purchasing the one friday night stay for $149, but was interested in upgrading to the Ocean view Jacuzzi Suite for $179. When I click on BUY I don’t see the option to upgrade to the Jacuzzi suite. Is upgrading an option or am I misunderstanding the offer?

kea j.

If you buy the 2 night stay, is only one breakfast included?

MeShell T.

This is a ripe off if you go directly onto the hotel website there is a current special the deluxe room starts at 49.00 and the next price up from that is 69 per night I just booked a two night stay for 121 with taxes, etc.

Damara E.

The groupon includes breakfast ($25) value and spa entrance.


I agree re: ripoff. Their website is cheaper, for rooms OR packages.

(You could argue about value of the upgrade, but I’ve stayed here and believe a free upgrade is avail at checkin if you’re sweet and they’re empty).

The Groupon system is supposed to be offering 50%+ value off a REAL-WORLD price. What part of “half off” don’t they understand??

Alisha B.

I went on the website for trump and looked to see how much a deluxe room would be on the Friday night we plan on going in may and it came to $240 after taxes and that was with a military discount so $149 a really good price for a Friday night. Not sure about the 2 night deal during the week though.

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