I was thrilled to see this was the groupon today. My daughter LOVES Wildwood Highlands! This groupon will definitely be a popular one!

I thought this was exciting, but then I read the fine print…can’t use it on the weekend. Not good for most people.

I bought this groupon. I saw the fine print that it can’t be used on weekends, which is fine. It also says it expires in one year. Howevever, when the groupon printed it says it expires on Feb 15 (Monday) and can’t be used until after Feb 13. That only leaves Monday to redeem this coupon. I’m going to make phone calls, because I will be really ticked if this coupon is only valid for one day, when it says under the fine print that it expires in one year.

wilwood sucks funfor all is the best!

Can you use it on Snow Tubing????

oops, I was wrong. The coupon expires Feb 15, 2011, so it is good for one year. I called Wildwood and they said it can be used for snow tubing. They also said I can use two. Since I have a family of 5, I bought 2 coupons. If we paid full price, it would cost approximately $77. So I get a $40 discount!

Susan F.

The kids I baby sit live close by, so now I have a place to take them for a great price.

time to get over the wildwood groupon move on already!!!!!!!

does Friday count as part of the weekend? Anyone know?

Patricia S.

I just called them and they said that snowtubing is included. But you need to go to the main building to get the passes instead of up to the tubing area first.

And Friday is included in the coupon…just not Sat and Sunday. He said the snow is amazing right now…have fun..

Thanks for the info…off we go to play in the snow :)

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