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    Cozy Cave Enclosed Cube Pet Bed

    Cats and small dogs can curl up in an enclosed, cube-shaped pet bed that's made with comfy microfiber and flocked material

    20+ sold

    $29.99 $12.99

    Animal Planet Pet Blanket

    This soft blanket allows cats and dogs to join masters on the sofa or in the car, hiding hair with stylish colors and a paw-print design

    8 sold

    $26.49 $12.99

    One-, Two-, or Three-Story Hamster Cages with Accessories

    Keep pet hamsters happy and active with one- or multi-story habitats equipped with an exercise wheel, mini shelter, and water dispenser

    0 sold

    $38.99 $27.99

    USA Beef Mammoth Bone

    Oversized dog bone made with dried beef femur bones is ideal for energetic chewers

    1 sold

    $21.08 $11.99

    Orthopedic Pet Mattresses

    Pet beds with supersoft, plush removable covers and supportive but comfortable orthopedic foam give dogs a place to rest weary haunches

    1,000+ sold

    $49.99 $16.99

    100-Pack of American Kennel Club Puppy-Training Pads

    Highly absorbent pads with built-in attractants help housetrain young pups while protecting against leaks, tracking, and odors

    1,000+ sold

    $69.99 $19.99

    Ultrasonic Antibark Dog Collar

    When this collar senses any vibration associated with barking, it emits a pain-free ultrasonic sound to help your dog modify its behavior

    1,000+ sold

    $39 $10.99

    Pet Store Portable Folding Pet Steps

    Three steps help small pets summit beds, sofas, or into cars; lightweight, foldable, and portable

    810+ sold

    $120 $18.99

    Animal Planet Automatic-Flow Pet Water Fountain

    46 oz. reservoir encourages cats or dogs to lap up never-stagnant water from the ever-bubbling spigot

    1,000+ sold

    $33.51 $18.99

    Paw-Embroidery Crate Pad

    Soft, plush pads embroidered with a paw design and finished with a nonskid bottom

    520+ sold

    $30 $12.99

    Metal Dog Crates with Dividers

    Made from durable metal, these crates keep pets safely confined for bedtime, travel, or for crate training

    60+ sold

    $89.19 $32.99

    1-Pound Naturally Harvested Antler Variety Pack for Dogs

    These hardy dog chews are humanely sourced from elk roaming the American West, and stand up to even aggressive chewing; 1 lb. bag

    260+ sold

    $49.99 $27.99

    Animal Planet Hammock-Style Car Seat Cover

    Water-resistant seat cover protects car upholstery from pet hair, stains, and muddy paws while traveling

    240+ sold

    $49.99 $14.99

    Gnawsome Light Up and Squeak-Ball Dog Toys

    Keep your pooch fit and entertained during games of fetch with these squeaker balls; durable, one-piece construction

    340+ sold

    $14.99 $4.99

    Outdoor Waterproof Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Beds

    Orthopedic dog beds comfort pets as they rest outside, relieving pressure around their joints and keeping them dry with a waterproof cover

    780+ sold

    $49.99 $16.99

    Indoor/Outdoor 4- or 8-Panel Pet Playpen

    Multi-panel playpens made from sturdy molded plastic, with enough space for training, exercising, and playing with pets indoors or outside

    160+ sold

    $60 $34.99

    2-Pack of Portable Dog Bowls

    Two portable dog bowls expand and collapse, making it easy to store them in bags and pop them open during rest stops or days at the park

    420+ sold

    $20 $7.99

    Hooded Litter Pan

    Hooded litter pan works to protect floors with a deep design and a doorstep grate made to clean cats' paws

    70+ sold

    $28.99 $14.99

    PetFusion Modern Cat Scratchers

    Made from eco-friendly recycled cardboard, these scratching posts keep claws out of furniture with a textured surface that attracts cats

    40+ sold

    $44.95 $22.99

    Go Pet Club Cat Trees

    Wooden cat trees covered in faux fur designed with scratching posts, sleeping areas, and elevated perches to keep cats entertained for hours

    1,000+ sold

    $80.74 $44.99

    3-Pack of Multipet Loofa Floppy Unstuffed Dog Toys

    Because these fun, floppy toys aren't stuffed, dogs can't rip them open to play in the fluff, which can be a choking hazard

    270+ sold

    $38.97 $9.99

    Retractable Leash and Doggie Waste Bag Holder

    Retractable leash with lightweight design and soft grip handle works to make dog-walking easier; includes 15 doggie waste bags

    30+ sold

    $22.99 $17.99

    Remote Control Micro Mouse Cat Toy

    This skittering robot rodent will delight cats looking for something to bat around and chase

    230+ sold

    $29.99 $13.99

    Animal Planet Bolster Crate Mat

    Bolster mats made with super-soft plush fabric give pets a cozier time napping in crates; rolls up for easy travel

    180+ sold

    $29.99 $10.99

    Cat Scratch Post and Sleep Sack Bundle

    Cats satisfy the urge to scratch with these posts, which are covered in sisal material and faux fur or faux sheepskin plus comfy plush sack

    30+ sold

    $59.95 $24.99

    Reversible Cozy Pet Bed

    Pamper your pups with this soft, plush bed available in an array of fun colors and patterns; simply flip the pillow over for a new look

    130+ sold

    $49.99 $14.99

    Multi-Cat Mega-Pack from Purr-Packs

    Mega-Pack of 9-10 toys and treats includes a built-in cat scratcher/lounger board

    70+ sold

    $39.99 $27.99

    Deluxe Faux-Fur and Suede Pet Beds

    Plush pet pillows that are filled with fluffy, eco-friendly fiber have soft faux-fur surfaces that appease lazing cats and dogs

    260+ sold

    $49.99 $16.99

    Beatrice Orthopedic Pet Bed

    These orthopedic beds give your pup an ultra-comfy place to rest his muscles and bones after a long day playing and running

    200+ sold

    $90 $14.99

    Unique Petz Pet Booster Car Seat

    Give you pet a comfortable place to stay put in the car with this booster seat, which features a clip for collars and a storage pocket

    50+ sold

    $39 $18.99

    Arm & Hammer Half Circle Litter Mat

    Rubberized mat with webbing pattern catches litter from your kitty's paws, preventing it from scattering across floors

    10+ sold

    $14.99 $11.99

    SPOT Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs

    Nylon-mesh barrier helps prevent dogs from distracting drivers; barrier is easy to install and stores in small spaces

    100+ sold

    $29.99 $12.99

    Animal Planet Memory Foam Sherpa Pet Bed

    Pets sink into the comfort of 100% memory foam while surrounded by a soft, machine-washable cover

    220+ sold

    $37.03 $26.99

    Extra-Wide Walk-Through Gates with Small Pet Doors

    Tall steel gate stands in doorways and in front of steps to keep pets, including big dog breeds, out; built-in door lets small pets through

    100+ sold

    $79.99 $35.99

    AquaFarm Fish Tank and Planter

    Plants such as herbs remove fish waste from water, keeping it clean without any extra help from owners

    20+ sold

    $62.99 $46.99

    FurHaven Quilted Pet Bed Throw

    Portable throw rugs for pets keep hair from accumulating on sofas or car seats; foam center with quilted faux-fur cover

    160+ sold

    $32.99 $13.99

    Flexi Configurable Pet Gate

    Flexible gate expands up to 76" and can be configured to fit angled openings or oddly shaped areas; walk-through design with small pet door

    100+ sold

    $109.99 $48.99

    Memory-Foam Topper Pillow Pet Beds

    Pet beds coddle larger and aging dogs, whose joints need extra support, with a memory-foam insert and a water-repellent treating

    10+ sold

    $99.99 $59.99

    720 Eco-Friendly PoopBags with Dispenser

    The included bag dispenser conveniently clips onto dog leash handles and unfurls rolls of eco-friendly, biodegradable dog waste bags

    290+ sold

    $48.60 $32.99

    PetZoom Pet Park Deluxe 3-Piece Dog Relief System

    Synthetic, non-toxic grassy mats make dogs comfortable indoors or on porches and patios

    40+ sold

    $99.99 $37.99

    2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Carrier

    Rolling wheels and backpack straps let pet owners use this carrier in multiple ways; mesh panels let dogs and cats see their surroundings

    80+ sold

    $79.99 $28.99

    Purrfect Thermal Pet Mat

    The lightweight core of this fleecy pet bed reflects body heat back toward animals to help them relax and sleep soundly

    50+ sold

    $29.99 $13.99

    8- or 16-Pack of Pet Waste Bag Rolls

    Keep pet messes under control with these large, leak-proof bags, which make disposing of dog doo easy and sanitary

    240+ sold

    $24.99 $9.99

    1lb Bag of Cadet Bully Stick Dog Snacks

    Long bully sticks made from 100% natural meat withstand vigorous chewing to keep dogs distracted and nourished

    160+ sold

    $36.99 $19.99

    Portable Playpen for Pets

    Portable playpen sets up quickly and has a zippered mesh top and door for easy access to pets; waterproof base is ideal for outdoor use

    190+ sold

    $79.99 $29.99

    Carlson Portable Pup Travel Pet Beds

    Lightweight, portable pet beds present an elevated surface for pups to sleep on at home or on the road

    260+ sold

    $39.99 $17.99

    Barcelona Pet Bowls

    8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 64 oz. pet bowls have a stainless steel interior and plastic exterior; non-slip rubber ring is removable

    760+ sold

    $18.66 $4.99

    Petstages Soothing Cat Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher

    Satiate kitty's desire to scratch, stretch, and knead with this corrugate hammock and scratcher, which features a unique foldable x-design

    120+ sold

    $20.99 $14.99

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