Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Typing Techniques

In grade schools, children are taught one way to type on a computer keyboard—with their hands and not at all with their tiny, perfectly suited for typing toes. Here are some other typing techniques not taught in Canada's learning rooms:

Hunt and Peck: One of the slower typing methods, it involves the typist "hunting" for each letter individually and then "pecking" the letter with a long cane.

Touch Typing: The same as the standard typing technique, but instead of touching the keyboard, let the keyboard touch you.

Fast Fingers: Standard typing technique, but a little bit faster.

Fancy Fingers: Pretty much the same as "fast fingers," but a little bit slower, and your fingers dance upon the keys like a dainty woman’s feet upon a wet dance floor.

No Fingers: Just throw a rock at the keyboard until you hit the key you want. If you end up breaking the keyboard, buy a new one and start over with a smaller rock.