Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Children's Novels

As children get older and their minds start to burn with adult worries, they'll leave behind short children's books for longer works of serialized fiction. Look in your local library for these classic children's novel series:

• The Lemonade-Stand Pals
• Garrett Markler, Boy IRS Agent
• The Half-Brothers Softball Club
• Gory Stories: Terrifying Tales to Melt Preteen Brains
• The Unacceptabillies: For These Rockabilly Kids, Sticking Out Is the New Fitting In
• Grapes of Math
• High-School Twins
• The Afterschool Dolphin-Trainers Club
• The Shopping-Mall Orphans
• Freaky, Goofy, Messed-Up, So Totally Angry Sleep-Away Camp
• Football Sasquatch