Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Getting the Couch through the Doorway

They would never make a couch so big that it couldn't fit through any size of doorway. If you ever wanna sit down to watch TV, you're gonna have to do the following first:

• Turn it right.
• No, that was a question. "Turn it, right?"
• Try to shove your head through it. For leverage.
• Take the cushions off.
• See if that lady will hold the cushions so they don't get dirty.
• What are those purple and black stains under the cushions?
• Tell her it will only take a second and that we would do it for her.
• Those stains look like a scary code.
• Line it up so that the armrest is parallel with the huge gash we just put in the wall.
• Take the cushions back from Mrs. Princess. She obviously has better things to do.
• Hold on, I think my fingers fell asleep.
• Yup.
• Think outside the box. What if we moved the doorway around the couch?
• I can't believe we got this for free from the back of that open moving truck.
• Throw the cushions down the stairs so the lady knows we're mad at her.
• Let's take a break and drink these milks my friend hooked us up with.