Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Famous Hats

Every historical figure of any significance wore a now instantly recognizable hat, synonymous with their name:

The Napoleon Hat: Military bicorn, worn side to side or "athwart" to serve as a better perch for enlisted falcons
The Benjamin Franklin Hat: Small brass beanie with a large conductive spire jutting out of it, topped with a small eyelet for tethering a kite
The Davy Crockett Hat: Famously a strict vegetarian, Crockett's "coonskin" was actually just a matted blob of reeds and buffalo chips that he moistened hourly from his canteen
The Hercules Hat: Just a minotaur skull

Honorable Mention: Jughead's "hat" from the Archie comics is actually a crown (?) made of gray paper (?) with miscellaneous shapes affixed to it. Details remain vague because it is proven that overscrutinizing Jughead's hat makes you go insane.