Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Avoiding an Argument

Humans are trained to start an argument any time they come face-to-face with a person behind a desk, a driver of a car emblazoned with a political bumper sticker, or a spouse emblazoned with a political bumper sticker. Here are some tactics that can diffuse a disagreement before it begins:

Agree to Disagree: Besides allowing both parties to feel good about how unpersuasive they’ve been, agreeing to disagree is also a great opportunity to use opposite words in the same sentence.

Walk Away: Be the bigger person and turn your back. Once your back is turned, you can contort your fingers to spell out all of the curse words that you never would have said to your opponent’s face.

See It from the Other Person’s Perspective: The other person’s perspective will almost always be that you are purposefully calling his or her child by the wrong name. Once you know this, you can both realize that this was all a big misunderstanding caused by a terrible snafu that happened right in the middle of a coincidence.

Concede Victory: Allowing the other person to win makes you the winner of maturity, which you can flaunt in your enemy’s face for years to come.