Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Forgotten Films

Some classic films are all but forgotten by modern audiences. The next time you have the flu or a date whom you hope to impress on a couch, try flipping on one of these classic forgotten flicks:

Crime Comes to Trouble Town (Dir: John Hucksman, 1942)
Divorce, I Sadden Thee (Dir: Brell Manowitz, 1975)
French! The Musical! (Dir: Clucky Bryant, 1931)
Dance Draculas from Beyond the Discothèque (Dir: Mani, 1980)
I Came to Kill Richard (Dir: Doris Parkins, 1919)
Robin WHO?d (Dir: Winslow Branard, 1931)
Dolphinmentary: A Dolphin Documentary (Dir: Crowd sourced by Twitter.com in association with The Livestrong Foundation, 2013)