Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Barbershop Chatter

The barbershop has gained a reputation for being the place to go for listening to all sorts of lively chatter. Here's a sampling of what you might hear your barber say next time you get a haircut:

• "Take 2 inches off the top? Yep, that's something I can do when these casts come off."

• "I've been thinking about labeling the scissor jar 'Scissors' and the comb jar 'Not Scissors.' Thoughts?"

• "Ha! No, this isn't the kind of barbershop that sweeps up the hair clippings."

• "Someone stole all of our magazines, but you can read this letter I've been meaning to send to my estranged wife."

• "Welcome to the barbershop, where men are kings and kings are giants and giants are half off before noon."