Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Brooches

The most beautiful sight to see resting upon a lady or a fella’s lapel is a glimmering brooch. Here are some of the most popular jewels to pin on a blouse:

• A beetle with jewel-encrusted wings and beady, obsidian eyes
• A sterling-silver horse jumping over its own long, golden tail
• Locket of your sorority’s Greek letters containing picture of your sorority’s Official Boyfriend of Choice
• Wooden beads gathered in a cluster to represent the way wooden berries grow naturally
• Car-hood ornament glued to a safety pin
• Pencil made of red rubies, white diamonds, and blue sapphires to represent the fact that America’s pencil manufacturers are our hidden gems
• Profile of Victorian woman shaming her daughter for sneezing publicly
• Golden ax cutting down a cherry tree to represent the fable about George Washington
• Golden ax cutting down a cherry tree to represent uselessness of trees in the future of society