Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Anxiety Dreams

While most dreams are entirely meaningless pageants of nonsense, psychologists agree that on very rare occasions a dream may symbolize anxieties you face in your daily life. Consult this dream-interpretation chart to figure out what exactly it is you're worried about:

Dream: Your teeth are falling out.
Anxiety: You are worried about money, usually not having enough of it, or even more commonly, having far too much.

Dream: You are being chased by someone or something.
Anxiety: You are anxious about being too popular within your peer group of someones and somethings.

Dream: You are back in high school, but you're only wearing your underwear.
Anxiety: You are anxious about what fashion-forward outfit to wear to impress old classmates at your biweekly "Back to High School!" party.

Dream: You are falling from a great height.
Anxiety: You are worried that you are almost 30—or even older than 30!—and have never proved conclusively that you are unable to fly. Will today be the day?