Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Horses

If you've ever ridden a horse, you know that they are nature's beautiful secret keepers and that all of the mysteries of the universe are revealed in the places a horse will take you. If you haven’t ridden a horse, then you are not really alive. Here are some facts about these gorgeous earth rumblers:

Mane: A horse's mane looks a lot like long, beautiful female hair. In fact, many early explorers who encountered horses but didn't know what they were referred to them in letters as "huge, swift Rapunzels."

Snout: A horse's long, slender face resembles that of a posh, refined elderly woman. In fact, people of the Victorian era were known to refer to the horse as "the agreeable widow."

Eyes: A horse's big, watery eyes will allow you to see straight into its angelic soul. Horses are the most honest animals.

Legs: A horse's strong, muscular legs make running and jumping look effortless. In fact, David Argless, the man who invented control-top stockings in 1952, once called horses "the ultimate stocking models."