Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Diary Greetings

Fewer and fewer people are keeping diaries now that it's possible to quickly broadcast your feelings on social-media sites such as Facebook, TalkHole, and Spewr. If you're holding on to the past, at least keep your diary entries fresh by starting them with one of these "Dear Diary" substitutes:

• Hello, book
• Good to see you, paper thing
• Diary, you're the only one that listens to me. Here I go!
• Hey journal, you ready for some illegible scribbles?
• Good morning, and thank you for letting me do this to you again.
• OK, time to cover your body in my feelings.
• Greetings, may our time together be fruitful (kiss the diary).
• Vrrrrooom! Here comes the choo-choo pen down the diary tracks!
• I've done terrible things and these are a few.