Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Spicing Up a Monologue

Monologues are the most boring part of plays since they only involve a single performer and that single performer is never an adorable baby actor. To make these seemingly unending passages more interesting, follow these helpful tips:

• Do something interesting with your voice. You could give your character an accent or, if you can't do a convincing accent, just yell the entire time.

• Cut out all the unnecessary words, such as articles and any full sentences that don't foreshadow how the main character is a group of children hiding inside a man's suit.

• Wear a funky hat or rad loafers. That'll give the audience something to look at!

• Perform it with multiple people and tell the director you're going to start calling it a fun-o-logue.

• Start at the end of the monologue and work backward. Then when you finish, tell the audience that they just got Pranked'd™. (If you're interested in buying the rights to use the name Pranked'd™, probably for a hilarious hidden-camera goof show, please contact Groupon for more information.)