Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Preserving Leftovers

With the right techniques and a lot of luck, there's no reason that this year's holiday leftovers won't be edible next year. Here's how you can keep your scraps fresh:

• Store food in airtight containers. To make sure there's no leak, add in a bunch of ants and see if they can survive.

• Before storing the food, cut off any pieces that have clearly been chewed. If you don't, and the person that chewed that food isn't around for the next Thanksgiving, you'll be feeling pretty sad when you pull those leftovers out and recognize their bite pattern.

• The freezer is your best friend, in that it will prevent food from spoiling, and your worst enemy, in that it is so perfectly sized to fit a human body and has that alluring pristinely white interior, and whenever you open the door it sounds like it's saying, "Please come inside. I'm warmer than I look." Please be careful near freezers.

• Save your leftovers the same way our forefathers did—by feeding the scraps to their horses then hoping the horses would give them back exactly one year later.