Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: The Fun Photograph

Everyone knows that after three normal group photos, the fourth is “the fun one.” In this photo, you can really cut loose and show some personality. Here are some Groupon-approved “fun one” moves:

Stick Two Fingers behind Guy’s Head: Shows you are playful and fun and haven’t forgotten that he had to have surgery to remove those fingers growing out of his head

Touch Your Own Eyeball: This one’s for all the tough guys. You don’t care about nothin’, you eye-touching cowboy.

Stick Out Your Tongue: There are no kings or doctors here. Go nuts!

Kick a Model Train Set: My uncle was actually mad about his life, not being silly, but the picture came out great.

Put a Little Cowboy Hat over Your Belly Button but Don’t Tell Anyone: This is just for you.