Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Cider House Rules

When the temperature cools and the soil becomes too hard to bury stuff in, fall has officially arrived. And there's no better place to visit during fall than the Cider House. Here are some rules that you are expected to abide by at the Cider House:

• Take off your shoes. This is a Cider House, not a Cider Barn.
• Don’t let bugs in. This is a Cider House, not a Spider House.
• No running by the Cider Pool.
• No talking back to the Cider Master.
• No apple juice.
• Treat Others As You Would Want to Be Treated.™ (trademarked by the Cider House)
• When filling out the comment card, check the box marked “This Cider House rules!”
• Keep out of the cider, you kings of New Jersey.