Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Fall Movie Season

It's fall movie season and you know what that means! All your favorites are back—the actors, the directors, the lights, and the sounds. So buy the popcorn and chew the candies because here come the movies!

Maids of Dishonor: Five clumsy women are all getting married on the same day and they're all each other's bridesmaids.

The Rotten House by the Airport: This house has a dirty rotten secret—about eating teens.

Time Fireman 2: Now he's putting out fires in the Renaissance and for the Pilgrims.

Important Dog: A girl's dog is really important to her, but then she is sick, and so is the dog.

The Unexpected Family: When nobody on the block has anyone to spend Christmas with, guess who becomes a family? Them.

Touch Down Under: An Australian boomerang team has to learn to play football because of a loophole in the rules.

Oops, Wrong Bodies: When two men are getting surgery at the same time and lightning strikes the doctor's hands, can business man be nice and can nice man make business happen?