Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Britcoms

Everybody knows that British sitcoms, AKA britcoms, AKA sitishes, are better and more artistic than American sitcoms, AKA USATVcoms—especially these, the world’s best britcoms:

The Hemleys of Northumberland: Even though couthness is held above all in England, this working-class family is not couth—uncouth even! The father is gruff from working in a northern smog factory, and every week he somehow manages to ruin the mother’s dinner party with the posh vicar!

Oh, Really Now!: What do a grimy, working-class department-store manager, a posh vicarwife, and a boffin fresh out of Eton who needs a job have in common? They are also bank robbingtons (British for “robbers”). Tune in to Dave. (They really have a channel called this. Google it.)

The Frasiering Hour: Frasier Crane is a popular radio psychiatrist, dispensing his wit and wisdom to the masses. He lives in Seattle with his retired bobby father, Martin, and his housekeeper, Daphne Moon. With Frasier’s brother, Niles, Eddie the dog, outrageous situations, and plenty of humor in each episode, this a worthy successor to Beers Ahoy (the show on which Cheers is based).