Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Displaying Your Varsity Letter

While earning a varsity letter in high-school athletics remains cool, wearing a letterman's jacket to display it isn't quite as cool. Here's how you can show off your athletic achievement without that jacket:

• Instead of a letterman's jacket, start wearing a pair of letterman's jeans.

• Turn your varsity letter into something practical that you must use often, such as a swatting device to fend off all the students who want to try to become your best friend.

• At lunch, pull out a sandwich made of bread and your varsity letter. Then tell all the people you're sitting near: "Not again, you guys. My mom keeps making me a 'reminder of my physical gifts on rye.'"

• Do that magic trick where you seemingly disappear into a cloud of smoke and, when the smoke clears, all that's left is your varsity letter. That way people will probably carry that letter around school thinking it's you until the end of time.

• Sew it directly onto your body. If there's ever a time to try sewing something onto your skin, it's when you're young and popular enough to get a nice ceremony should something go horribly wrong.