Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Making a Goofy Face

If we each spend just 15 minutes a day making a goofy face in public, this big old bowl of soup we call "Earth" won't seem quite as tasteless. Here are some tips on how to goof up your face:

• To make a goofy smile, simply angle the corners of your lips down instead of up.

• Stick your open hands behind your head so you look like you're either a moose or a person whose head is growing 10 fleshy nubs.

• Turn around before making a face. That way the person you're with won't have to watch you try to fold your eyelids in half several times, if that's how you choose to make your goofy face.

• Puff up your cheeks. You can do this the traditional way—with your breath—or the delicious way—with a pound of meatloaf.

• For the "inverse," you'll want to shave off your head hair and glue the clippings onto your face. You'll also probably want to start walking backward and draw two eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the hairless portion of your head with lipstick. Have a friend do it too and then your inverse faces can kiss each other. That's wild!