Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Boat Naming

Naming a boat or “ship” is probably the most important part of boat owner"ship." Here’s a guide to naming your sea craft no matter what “type” it is (this sentence was typed, which is why the quotes around “type” are funny):

Personal Yacht
A Seafoam Symphony (boat name by Mikæl)
Charity Schmarity
If This Boat’s a-Rockin’, Please Come a-Knockin’ – We Do Not Want to Drown
Martha’s Windward

Commercial Boats
The Chuggler
The SS Hungry Man
Big Boat

Cruise Ships
The (Type of Fruit/Time of Day) Princess

Speed Boats
Angry Angus
Daddy’s Little Metaphor
My Best Friend’s Wake
This Tears It: I Enjoy Speedboats
Last of the Boat-Speedcans