Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Business Attire

Anyone can act professional, but it takes a real pro to look professional. Here are the pieces of attire you'll need to look like a million business bucks:

Suit Jacket: A well-fitted suit jacket ties together the whole outfit and gives you something to unbutton so clients know when you're about to let out a hot, steamy idea.

Tie: A tie is how a businessperson expresses his personality. The three acceptable business personalities are: golf, dad, and thin stripes.

Shiny Black Shoes: Your shoes should be so shiny that when you walk into a meeting the glare from them temporarily blinds your opponents, which is what you call your coworkers.

Belt: The only people who don't wear belts are people who don't want to succeed and those who think success can be found in the arts.