Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Famous Haunted Attractions

Many historical landmarks claim to have undead residents, but none are so infamously haunted as these famous destinations:

Winchester Mystery House
Built: 1884–1922
The Ghastly Details: Construction of the maze-like Winchester mansion was overseen by the widow of the Winchester rifle's inventor so that the restless spirits killed by her husband's creation could have a place to crash after their own haunted houses were ordered by the mayor to be blown up with dynamite.

The Ludlow Lighthouse
Built: 1790
The Ghastly Details: Said to have a will of its own, the Ludlow Lighthouse willfully misguided countless ships onto its rocky banks, killing hundreds of seafarers—thus tethering their spirits to the macabre monument and necessitating that it be blown up with dynamite in 1995.

The Carousel of Souls
Built: 1909
The Ghastly Details: After a mule unexpectedly kicked over a kerosene lamp onto a pan of waffle oil, this carousel is the only surviving structure untouched by the Great World's Fair Fire of 1909. Some say that late at night you can still hear laughter, leading experts to recommend that this obviously possessed attraction be safely dynamited later this month.