Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Hot Grouponicus Gifts

Judging by the calendars and nothing else, Grouponicus is here! If you haven't finished your shopping yet, consult this handy list of 2012’s hottest Grouponicus gifts:

• A teddy bear
• Teddy Bear, normal teddy-bear body with silicone-skinned realistic-looking Teddy Roosevelt head
• Tready Bear, the bear made out of recycled truck tires
• Ready Bear, the bear that will tell you how to get to safety in the event of a fire
• Medi-Bear, the bear that seeps triple-antibiotic ointment when you squeeze it
• Sheddy Bear, the bear that comes locked in its own tiny shed
• Bready Bear, the bear that you can’t stop eating until it’s too late
• SETI Bear, the bear that won’t rest until it proves the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence
• Weddie Bear, the bear that wants to get married whether you’re ready or not
• Ted e-Bear, the bear that is a digital photo that you can email!
• Deady Bear, the bear that makes no noises and doesn't move at all
• A puzzle