Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Odiferous Lunches

Whether you eat lunch with your coworkers, costudents, or coconspirators, you want to be packing impressive smells in your midday meal. Here are some of the smelliest lunches around:

Tuna: The “fish of the sea” gives off a strong odor when let loose from its can. Mix it with mayo and relish to up its pungent power.

Garlic: When it comes to filling a room with smells, garlic is Mother Nature’s edible Glade PlugIn. Turn any sandwich into a psychedelic smellscape by adding whole cloves of garlic to it.

Blue Cheese: The cheese that makes sense as much as it makes scents! Melt blue cheese using your desktop fondue maker (bowl on top of warm computer) and you’ve got yourself an all-day smell factory.

Flowers: Did you know they’re edible? Well, most of them are, but they’re extremely fattening. Check with your local florist for nutrition facts and yummy samples.