Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Baking

With winter upon us, more and more citizens are warming their family's hearts and hearths with bundles of baked goods. Even amateur bakers can take the cake if they follow these surefire tips to pursuing patisserie perfection:

  • Baking is equal parts art and chemistry. Many of the base components needed for baking can be acquired by boiling household paintings.
  • The term "baked goods" actually refers to any baked item and is not a judgment of its quality or lack thereof. This is in order to spare the feelings of the failed baker who could not get it together to do a good job.
  • The famous "five-second rule" applies to both the cleanliness of food that falls on the floor and the amount of time that it is possible to touch a hot baking sheet with your bare hand and not get burned.
  • For the "health nut" in your life, you can lick all the frosting off a batch of cupcakes in order to turn them into healthy muffins.
  • A cake is done on the inside when you can stab a toothpick into it and it does not scream.