Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Blurbs for Your Novel

This just in! Groupon Says is offering a de facto endorsement to all profitable novels. Please feel free to put these blurbs on your upcoming novel or just imagine them emblazoned on your future Crichtons and Grishams:

“A compelling thrill to read with a sauce of touching love all over it. This book is a goodbye to gross sadness and a hello to a moon setting over a bay of compelling literature.”
– Groupon Says Literary Review

“… a … good … boo … k.”
– Groupon Says Readertime Roundup

“My brains weren’t thinking anything and this book put like a story in my head and made me imagine it. Do people know about this?! Sixty thumbs up.”
– The Groupon Quarterly Review for Smartsmenship

“Ruff Ruff. Read this book.”
– Plunkerz, the Groupon Says Book Dog

“Not since Moby Dick has a whale been so white nor a book so boring.”
– A Man Who Looks Like Franz Kafka, Groupon Says Liter(ature) Bug