Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Obscure Magic Tricks

In recent years, stage magic has waned in popularity—in part because of the growing cynicism of audiences that have been desensitized by the Hollywood "magic" of blockbusters such as Thor, as well as the watching and rewatching of videotapes that capture the "magic" of childbirth.

To win audiences back, magicians will need to shed such dusty old standby tricks as pulling a rabbit out of a hat or finally telling your parents you are a magician. Consider learning one of these more obscure magic tricks, guaranteed to surprise and titillate even the most hardened skeptic:

  • Cramming a surprising number of rabbits into a hat
  • Correctly identifying a playing card with your taste buds
  • Drinking a whole thing of milk super fast
  • Reassembling the components of a human skeleton into a plausible concept vehicle
  • Pulling a potato chip from behind the ear of a senator
  • Borrowing $2,500 from your brother-in-law's house-painting business, then doubling it
  • Emerging from a coma with gray, thinning hair in place of the full head of jet-black hair from before the helicopter tragedy
  • Cutting a saw in half by repeatedly slamming your assistant into it
  • Finding a place that will deliver this late
  • Whoops, drowning!