Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Lunchboxes

Carrying lunch in a box is as handy now as it ever was. Here are some of the most popular designs adorning kids' lunchboxes this season:

• Image of the toilet-paper bear visiting the laundry-detergent bear in the hospital

• Sticker reading "My other lunchbox is a wet paper sack that broke open when I was running for the bus."

• Photo of mom spreading jelly on one slice of bread and dad spreading peanut butter on the other (pre trial separation)

• Hand-drawn Pikachu or a Furby or a Tamagotchi or maybe that’s a Spongepant?

• Graphic stating "I voted (for a sandwich, an apple, chips, and a pudding)!"

• Just an indentation in the shape of a fist