Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Pet Hotels

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners can make is going on vacation and leaving their pets at home to eat all the food and have an unsupervised time of their life. Don’t give your pet the satisfaction. When you go on your next vacation, send your pet to one of these top-rated pet hotels:

• City of Kitties (and Dogs)
• The Ritz Barkleton
• The YMCA (Yes Ma’am, Cat Accommodations!)
• Jimmy Kennel
• Here Come the Dogs!
• Definitely Not Just the Pound
• Now I Lay My Dogs to Sleep
• Lay Down Your Bird Hens
• Singles Cruise: Where Dogs Meet Their Cat Wives
• The Nest Western
• The Ramadog Inn
• The Red Woof Inn
• Hound Hideaway: Where Beagles Can Be Choosers
• Bird and Breakfast
• Ferris Mule-er’s Day Off
• Owl Cat Traz
• Tower of Terrier
• Foot of the Bed: Where EVERY bed is just the foot!
• When Barkness Falls
• A Big Box Full of Guinea Pigs
• Parrot Parrotdise
• The Guinea Rig: a Semi Full of Guinea Pigs
• Two Dogs, a Cat, and an Abandoned Pizza Place
• The Pet Skunk Night Bunk