Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Monster Weaknesses

Everyone knows that the world is plagued with real monsters, from bullying to illiteracy—but the world is also plagued by even realer monsters, from vampires to swampmen. Fortunately, you can defeat any beast real or imagined with this list of their monster weaknesses:

Monster: Werewolves
Weakness: Silver. Although silver bullets are a traditional means of felling the feral beast, blindly chucking your grandmother’s jewelry into the forest will poison their habitat for generations.

Monster: Vampires
Weakness: Wooden Steak. The vampires will foolishly bite into the delicious-looking “steak,” thus breaking off their fangs and rendering them helpless.

Monster: Zombies
Weakness: Your Friend Who Has a Goatee. He has been training his whole life for this moment. Time to shine, Zachary.