Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Farm Animals

The act of taking care of farm animals is called “husbandry” because of the old saying “You think taking care of pigs is hard—try taking care of my husband!” Here’s a guide to the animals you can expect to find on your local farm:

Cows: Cows are one of the ugliest animals to look at, but in a national taste test they were found to have the best-tasting milk. Visit a local farm to taste the milk of these horrific beasts for yourself.

Horses: Horses are the supermodels of the animal world. Farmers will spend hours at a time grooming and complimenting a prized horse, just to see a flash of its big, toothy smile.

Pigs: Don’t even get a farmer talking about these fun lovers. Pigs are the party animals of the barnyard, and if you don’t believe it, just hold a yummy treat above their snouts and watch them dance!

Dog: Every barnyard has to have a dog. A dog is a farmer’s best friend and will stand by him through everything, even during the farmer’s loneliest days, when he realizes that in cultivating his farm he has lost sight of that which he should have been cultivating most—relationships