Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Football Statistics

Football box scores only list the most popular football statistic—touchdowns—but there are actually millions of other statistics kept each game. Here are some lesser-known football stats that you should be familiar with if you ever want people to call you Professor Pigskinsworth:

YAS: Yards After Smiling
TOPA: Time of Playing Around
INTTFG: Interceptions Thrown for Goofs
ST: Soft Tackles
QBRPN: Quarterback Rating Post Nap
PBHF: Points Before High-Fiving
PAHF: Points After High-Fiving
PDHF: Points During High-Fiving
PTCIC: Passes to Child in Crowd
SRSSSCCY: Slow Runs So Someone Can Catch
LRWSD: Longest Run While Silly Dancing
OFHIU: On-Field Ham-It-Ups
HUGS: Hugs
TDS: Totally Dreamy Substitutions