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The Groupon Guide to: Types of Forks

The fork is one of the most important inventions of recent years, and since its debut fork makers have pushed themselves to be better fork makers, creating more than thousands of specialized forks. Here's a small sampling of the forks available in these fork-rich times that we live in:

• Salad fork
• Side salad fork
• Soup fork
• Swork (combination fork/sword)
• Corn fork
• Cutting fork
• De-fatting fork
• Finger fork
• Baby fork for babies
• Baby fork for small adults
• Brork (fork made of bread)
• Tork (toasted brork)
• Flossing fork
• Forkington M. Forksmith, the Fork with Plenty of Personality • Four chicken bones held between your knuckles
• No-Chorkā„¢ the Fork That's Safe to Swallow • A stick, or nature's fork
• Anything, because a fork is just whatever helps you get food from outside to inside your body