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The Groupon Guide to: Classic Baseball Mascots

No baseball team is complete without a puppety mascot dashing across the field during the seemingly endless downtime to keep the audience paying attention. Who are some of the all-time great baseball mascots?

Name: Buzzy the Bumbler
Team: Jacksonville Bees
Signature Antic: Kidnapping the opposing team’s mayor for duration of game

Name: Good Ol’ Frosty
Team: Indianapolis Blizzards
Signature Antic: Avoiding game entirely—making sudden, unblinking eye contact with fans who are using the adjacent urinal

Name: The Door to Nowhere
Team: Austin Drillers
Signature Antic: Door materializes in centerfield and opens portal to another dimension, flooding our world with unending storm of mechanical locusts until home team wins game

Name: The Gronkulator
Team: Unaffiliated
Signature Antic: The Gronkulator is a fuzzy blue monster with a trumpet-shaped nose not sanctioned by any accredited sports franchise. If you see the Gronkulator, you are already dead.