Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Basketball Plays

Though it might seem like basketball players are just running around to maintain enough sweat to look beautiful on television, they are actually running complex offensive plays. Here are some simple plays that you can try out next time you hit the hardtop:

Dribble Drive: Each offensive player grabs a basketball and dribbles to the hoop. The one who dribbles fastest wins the points.

Pick and Roll: One of the players "picks" which teammate he believes will be the one to shoot the ball. If he is correct, the player that took the shot has to call a timeout so he can immediately get his reward—a "roll" filled with ham and creamed corn.

Backdoor Cut: This is considered the trickiest play in basketball because it requires the offensive team to distract the defense by having their coach put on a top hat, wander onto the court, and ask the defensive players if they'd like to see what his head looks like without a top hat. If the defensive players ignore the coach's distraction, the offensive players should blow on the defenders' eyes until the dryness becomes unbearable.